Newest Water Treatment Devices for Home Usage

Newest Water Treatment Devices

Newest Water Treatment Devices

As a matter of fact, water contamination issues have been posing major problems in almost all places – offices, industries and even homes. Thus, it is essential to protect your life and that of your loved ones from contaminated water. This is because contaminated water not only has a foul taste and sometimes even smell, but also it contains pathogenic microorganisms that might lead to illnesses.

Tap Master TMAFC

This device cleans and treats water through several stages. Its seven stages which involve filtration and enhancement removes up to 97% of the chemicals (e.g. Chloramine among other contaminants) present in water. It is perfectly designed to provide long lasting service as it guarantees a change of the filters once annually. Its reverse osmosis system provides exceptionally clean water.

It utilizes an ultra-modern technology that allows the addition of some minerals to enhance the taste of water and also to regain back some of the lost minerals during filtration process. These minerals (Calcium and Magnesium) are added twice per every one purification process. Thus, it not only keeps treat the water but also guarantees an awesomely taste of water.

Moreover, its efficiency is also seen in its flow rate since water flows relatively faster as compared to the other normal water treatment devices.

APEC Top Tier

Newest Water Treatment DevicesFor your water safety and health, this device is known to remove up to 99% of water contaminants including heavy metals, toxic elements (Chlorine, Arsenic and Fluoride) and other pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria and virus) among others – thanks to the premium long lasting filters. Moreover, it is characterized by a five stage process that guarantees water free of contaminants, read more water softener reviews at

It treats nearly all types of water ranging from well water, tap water, soft and even hard water. Water at extreme pH is also purified using this device. In addition to that, its Do-It-Yourself (DIY) system is also very convenient to use since it’s easy to install and troubleshooting. Its maintenance cost is also generally lower since the filters are replaced once semi-annually or annually. Read more on Apec and other water treatment systems at soft water lab.

iSpring 75GPD

Its most convenient technology guarantees it to remove contaminants from water up to 90%. This includes fertilizers, pesticides, heavy metals and also other toxic substances. This makes it one of the best water treatment devices to use at home.

Its mechanism of water cleaning and treatment is contained in its five stage process. Has a high rejection membrane is also one of its outstanding features. This ascertains that the probability that any chemical contaminant will not be removed from the water does not appear to be within the realms of possibility.

Other newest water treatment devices for home usage include:-

  • Aquasana AQ 5300.55
  • Designed with pre-filters to prevent any possible clogging.
  • It’s suitable for silt areas or areas with a lot of sediments.
  • Watts 500313.
  • Characterized by a two stage process that ensures a lot of contaminants are removed.


To avoid any inconveniences related to drinking contaminated water, a person should take keen measures when it comes to handling of water. One of such includes using devices that have the ability to treat the water and keeping it fit for human consumption. The best devices are generally those that can remove nearly all the impurities both soluble and insoluble and also to guarantee a good taste of water. To stay safe from water contamination, choose these new devices.