How Nanotech Toilets Will Decrease Water Consumption?

How Nanotech Toilets Will Decrease Water Consumption

How Nanotech Toilets Will Decrease Water ConsumptionNanotech toilets are one of the fundamental components that will bring a positive transition in most of the homes in the world. The models of these toilets have it that they’ll replace the current “ordinary” toilets by solving hygiene and water related problems associated with them. These toilets will be employing the concept of nanotechnology to produce very clean water through the application of the innovated treatment of human waste. In addition to that, these toilets will be convenient to use as they will be odor free.

In-built water production system

This innovative toilet will be characterized by a rotating mechanism whose role will be to move the waste into a nano-element holding chamber (as it simultaneously blocks any odor and guarantees the waste to be out of sight). According to Dr.Alison Parker, the lead of the project, some nanotech membranes will exclusively filter and ultimately taking water out as vapor. These vapors enter a chamber that is filled with “nano-coated hydrophilic” beads which offer a large surface area for condensation to occur and trickle below into the collection chamber.

In addition to that, this water, according to him, will be basically pure since all the pathogenic microorganisms will be left at the bottom of the holding chamber. This clean water can be used in the house holds and thus minimizing the general water buying and also consumption. According to Pickatoilet Editor’s comparison chart, waterless toilets are 3 times efficient than flushing toilets.

It’s waterless

How Nanotech Toilets Will Decrease Water ConsumptionEvery day, a substantial amount of many households’ water is generally lost in toilets, according to Best toilet guide website a reported “up to 1/3 of all house water usage going to toilets”, a significant amount of water. Thus, these toilets have come up with a mechanism to lower the amount lost in toilets by a significant margin. These nanotech toilets are generally crowned as “waterless” toilets. This is because, unlike other ordinary toilets, these won’t be requiring the user to use any water once he/she has visited it.

All the magic in its operation starts when you close the lid after using it. This unique feature makes these “green’ toilets be relatively cheaper to maintain. This is due to the fact that they lead to the general reduction of the water consumption within a household and also in other places like industries and offices.

No external source of sewerage system

Many toilets are characterized by accompaniment of a corresponding sewage. The fact that these toilets will make the presence of sewerage systems next to toilet an idea of the past is remarkable. These toilets won’t require any external source of sewage system as other toilets demand. This is because there is the element of intense recycling of the human waste.

Indeed, this saves a lot of water that would otherwise have been used. Thus, there will be a general decrease in the consumption of water without a corresponding decrease in its efficiency.


This revolutionary toilet is geared to provide a relatively permanent solution to over consumption of water globally. The extension of the nano-scale technology to great innovations as seen by these toilets generally deserves standing ovations. This is a great idea which not only solves the water over consumption problem but also keeps other toilet-related threats (like diseases due to poor sanitation in toilets) at bay. When it comes to human waste management and minimizing the consumption of water as much as possible, then nanotech toilets will suffice.