Company Overview

HelioVolt headquarters Austin, TX

Commercializing one of the most exciting and promising solar technologies in our industry today, HelioVolt is producing thin film solar PV modules for commercial rooftop, utility-scale ground mount, residential, BIPV and custom installations. HelioVolt is the first thin-film company combining high-efficiency products with low-cost manufacturing capabilities to create a new generation of Copper Indium Gallium (di)Selenide (CIGS) based solar modules.

CIGS based photovoltaics represent perhaps one of the most interesting material combinations in the solar industry today. CIGS modules have the highest efficiencies available for thin-film modules and offer the lowest manufacturing cost potential in the industry.

Company Mission:

Driving Solar Innovation to Power a Sustainable World

Company History:

2001: HelioVolt is founded to develop and commercialize a revolutionary FASST® process for applying CIGS thin-film photovoltaics directly onto conventional construction materials.

2005: HelioVolt closed $8 million in Series A venture funding from New Enterprise Associates (NEA).

2006: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), HelioVolt announce an extention to the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) for the development of non-vacuum nanomaterial-based deposition processes optimized for HelioVolt's proprietary FASST® manufacturing technology.

2007: HelioVolt raises Series B funding round for a total of $101 million, with investments from NEA, Paladin Capital, Masdar, Morgan Stanley, Abengoa Solar, Sequel Venture Partners, Noventi Ventures, and Passport Capital.

2008: HelioVolt Corporation announces that its proprietary FASST® reactive transfer printing process has produced thin film solar cells with 12.2 percent conversion efficiencies in a record setting six minutes.

2008: HelioVolt announces its first factory for manufacturing high-performance thin film solar energy products. The 122,400 square foot sustainable facility in Austin, Texas.

2009: Industry veteran, Jim Flanary, joins HelioVolt as CEO to lead the company in its next production scale up and product commercialization stage.

2010: HelioVolt achieves NREL verified 12.3% module.

2011: HelioVolt closes $85 million in Series C funding, with $50 million from SK Innovation.