Waste Minimum Energy While Cooling Your Wine

wine 1It is a desire for wine lovers to keep their beverages at the best temperature in order to maintain the taste and aromas. If you cannot afford to install a wine cellar within the house, wine coolers can be a better alternative. These wine chillers are capable of storing your wines at an ideal temperature range without draining your bank account.

Even though the size and configuration are some of the aspects to consider when looking for a viable wine refrigerator, you just need to understand the two options of wine coolers. We have the compressor wine coolers and thermoelectric wine coolers, and they have different energy efficiency based on the size and configuration. Probably, no one will turn down an energy efficient wine cooler. We all want to reduce energy bills!

However, energy efficient in both thermoelectric and compressor coolers increases depending on unit’s size and configuration. It is worth noting that the two options can save energy depending on the capacity of a wine cooler you buy. A 28-bottle single-zone thermoelectric chiller uses up to 75 watts, while a similar compressor unit uses up to 85 watts. This means that this thermoelectric model is more energy efficient compared to its compressor counterpart. A 33-bottle compressor wine refrigerator uses 85 watts, while a 32-bottle thermoelectric chiller uses up to 150 watts.

From the above examples, you can see the variance in energy usage based on capacities. It is worth pointing that these coolers use Peltier devices to cool down the cabinets. The higher the capacity, the more the number of Peltier devices required for cooling. Therefore, energy efficiency will depend on size and configuration of a particular wine cooler.

I won’t get into deeper details as far as energy efficiency is concerned because different people need different kinds of wine coolers. The pinch of paying for energy is felt differently, and therefore everyone has the freedom to choose what best suits him or her. Am I too harsh? Alright, I just want to give you vital information about a few brands of wine coolers so that you can make a wiser decision based on your preference and budget.

So, the following are three best wine cooler brands to choose from;

  1. Avanti Wine Coolers

avantiAvanti wine coolers are both elegant and practical, and they come in different sizes. For instance, the Avanti 166 bottle wine cooler has a black cabinet, stainless steel handle and door frame. The glass door is double-paned, tempered and clear such that you can see all the bottles inside. Interestingly, you can house as many as 166 bottles in the spacious and sturdy wooden shelves. The wine refrigerator has an interior LED light that can be turned on and off using a touch button, ensuring that energy usage is significantly controlled. In addition, the unit features temperature touch controls to store your whites and reds in the finest condition. It has an interior fan to adapt outside conditions without your involvement.




  1. Danby Wine Coolers

The Danby wine coolers are designed to fit all users because they are highly portable and come with black shelves. You don’t need to worry about kitchen renovation in order to create a space for the unit. Also, the black shelves provide elegance. The units come in a wide range of capacities to fit from as few as 6 bottles to as many as 50 bottles. The Danby DWC1233BL-SC is one of the best Danby wine coolers, with a capacity to house 12 bottles. The cabinet has a glass door, with a recessed handle to safeguard your sleeve whenever you pass by. The interior can be lit with the LED light, making the unit an additional interior décor.

  1. Haier Wine Coolers

wine 4Haier wine coolers are designed taking into consideration style and décor. The brand ensured that the coolers are in variety to suit different users including any wine novice out there. The units range from 6-bottle to 50-bottle wine coolers, and still, there is a cellar to provide dual zone cooling. For instance, the Haier HVTM06ABS 6 bottle wine cooler can be suitable for any wine cooler, with no intention of storing a large number of bottles. Interestingly, you can choose the temperature range depending on the kind of wines you want to store.

Even though I have provided three brands of wine coolers, there are other many types in the market. However, the above brands have many models of different sizes to satisfy your wine keeping needs. But more importantly, look for a wine cooler suitable for what you want.