Newest Office Furnitures for a Better Living

More than one third of your working day is spent while sitting in the office. Such professionals require proper seating alongside a few stretches that offer little impact when trying to relieve the strain and stress on your back. The healthiest option is through getting a chair that fits well, which not only prevents sitting posture problems, but also improves the quality of job performance. Please do not compare a chair with a telescope or an expensive watch that you buy for yourself, keep in mind that every penny is for your health in this investment.

With so many types of office chairs in the market today, it might be very overwhelming for most of us when it comes to choosing that best office chair model. Many of them are labeled “ergonomic”, but that doesn’t guarantee you full satisfaction. Instead of spending hours or days browsing volumes of seats in different websites, we have simplified everything for you. Therefore, our unbiased list of top five tested ones will help you make the right decision.If you are looking especially comfortable chair reviews you can visit mycomfyoffice website.

  1. Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

Herman Miller chairs have been taking up bigger market all over the world due to high quality. But not all appear in top lists of the best seats, but this Aeron chair has made it. It not only offers sturdy support and comfort, but also a stylish asset to put in your office. It is impossible to have a chair that has all ergonomic features, but Aeron is one of kind comfortable office furniture that any professional may want to use. However, it lacks the headrest and may not be suitable for those looking for a chair with that specific feature.

  1. Stealcase Amia Office Chair

Ease of adjustments, comfort, and solid support makes this chair stand out. Based on customer comments and opinions, this chair is quite valuable and worthy to have in an office. Apart from its elegant looking, it has well-positioned armrests and nice-fitted back. Even though some people may be scared away by the relatively high price, actually you pay for what you get. Health in the office is more important, and therefore you can consider investing in this ergonomic office chairs

  1. Herman Miller Embody Chair

If you have visited several offices for both middle and large scale companies, many managers use this Embody chair. It is ergonomically designed to offer healthy working experience, as well as eliminating frequent backaches and stress. In terms of comfort and function, this chair has been rated high by most users. In addition, it has an adorable design that adds value of your office. If looking for a chair to work with a slight recline, this can be a better option. Also, it feels good even when sitting in an upright pose.


  1. Steelcase Think Chair

This chair is suitable for different body types, but it is not fit for anyone taller than 6 feet due to its seat pan. It has several features of an ergonomic chair, ensuring comfortable seating ideal for office work. You can adjust to fit variety of heights, and many users say it works incredibly well. Based on what happy users said, the back is made up of breathable material that keeps their backs cool throughout the day. Even though it is not best rated like its counterpart Amia chair, it can be a good selection for working professionals.

  1. Herman Miller Sayl Chair

This is another amazing designed ergonomic chair, though it lacks a sturdy back support. However, people have different choices when it comes to comfort, and probably it is the best option for many. Due to its design nature, a few users say it is ideal for meetings or conferences. Others say it cannot be used for long hours, especially for big people. Therefore, it can be perfect if you are not looking for a full-time office chair.comfortable office chairs


Things have remarkably changed over the years, since you can buy a chair based on your comfort needs. You can order customized chairs, which means you will be the only user. Buying an office chair is a long term investment that doesn’t require faster decision. So, you can inform the sellers what you want, and compare all different types they offer. This will help you get the best of what you wanted, without unwelcoming surprise down the line.


Stiff back is one of the most common complaints among office workers. Neck and wrist pain are also other problems, which occur due to sedentary stretching and wrong chair height. Ergonomic chairs are designed to address these troubles by improving comfort, as well as functionality. Therefore, it is advisable to consider both comfort and functionality when choosing an office chair. Read our post: Buying a Massage Chair.