Latest Innovations In Solar Power 3

Latest Innovations In Solar Power for Smart Homes


Latest Innovations In Solar Power 1Many people globally have tried to move a step higher in ensuring that their smart house simplifies their lives with ease. As luck would have it, several technocrats have also been spending quality time thinking on how best they can increase the utility of these smart homes. One of these ways include coming up with solar power innovations that can achieve their desired effect.

Electric car solar charging

Solar panels have become one of the most essential devices to have in some smart homes. They have the ability to tap and harness the solar energy and convert it into a form that can readily be utilized by its user. Charging of electric cars has seen a joyous daybreak as they can now be charged by the energy harnessed by the solar rooftops – thanks to the developers. This increases convenience since the home owners no longer need to worry about the charging of their cars. The solar energy trapped by the solar panel is then utilized by the car in its charging through a cable connected mostly in the anterior part of these cars (but it depends on the nature and type of the car as others |ingest’ the energy via other parts of the car)

The home energy management system

Latest Innovations In Solar Power 3The home energy management system abbreviated as HEMS is another innovation in smart homes. These systems run on small computers which have the potential of collecting all the solar energy consumption data from any electric meter of that home and its vicinage. These electric meters include the photovoltaic system, the heat pump, electric vehicle or any other general household device that records the amount of current that passes through it within a given period of time.

At any time of the day, the homeowner can track the individual and general power consumption. This is because the system has a display where the home owner can see and read the power consumption. In addition to that, it is from this system that the homeowner is in a position to access if the solar power available is able to charge his/her electric car.

New advanced solar panels

Latest Innovations In Solar Power 3In most cases, the solar panels are the widely used intermediate device to harness and output the solar energy. Smart homes have another reason to embark on solar panels. This is due to several features introduced that guarantee high efficiency as far as harnessing and outputting is concerned. One such feature includes their design. They are currently manufactured with a uniquely concave design that automatically rotates to follow the direction of the sun. This is to not only ensure that they absorb as much solar energy as possible and also of relatively high intensity.

Technocrats have also found a way of increasing the solar panel efficiency and simultaneously lowering their cost. This is due to the employment of the very best silicon in the panel system. For maximum output possible, of late, high-capacity inverters have also been utilized. These produce a certain twist of innovation in the solar power industry.


The innovations in the solar power have greatly transitioned the way we live and manage our smart homes. All these latest innovations have made life simpler due to the efficiency achieved and also guarantees a relatively Carbon (IV) Oxide (CO2) free home since solar energy is known to be highly environment friendly. It’s time to adopt these innovations in smart homes.