The Ecological Dream House 1

The Ecological Dream House


The Ecological Dream House 1A standard ecological dream house, protects nature, provides modern comfort and provides modern comfort at its fullest. Its heating and air conditioning system is ecological and highly efficient with fresh air supply that is constantly renewed. The hygrometry is perfectly balanced, and consumes much less energy than conventional houses.

Materials and Techniques

The Ecological Dream House 1Each area of the ecological dream house uses optimal construction methods for each equipment used for ventilation, heating, air conditioning and all the other areas. The design of the house is done in a way that the equipment and materials are precisely chosen. In addition to that, the energy requirements of the house are reduced to the furthest possible extent while making sure to maintain the modern comfort of the house. By taking care of the house design, the cost can be reduced to similar or even less than that of a standard inefficient house.

Air conditioning and heating of buildings and houses are one of the main contributers of carbon dioxide emission throughout the world. In France, they contribute to 93 million metric tonnes and more than 40% of energy consumed. Therefore, the dream ecological house is one that aims at reducing both the carbon dioxide emission and energy requirement by a significant amount more than a conventional house heated through electricity or gas. This can be achieved by building this house which is long lasting, efficient, and producing more energy than that consumed. This can be achieved using the following techniques.

At the planning level, the outer surface of construction should be minimized, where heat exchange with the surrounding occurs. This can be achieved through compacting the house to resemble a cube or configure it in a way that the main windows of the house face southwards. During summer, the shutters and awnings will protect the house from direct sunlight and direct heat. During winter, the heat from the sun will contribute to house heating. The walls should be thick as possible to ensure better insulation.

The Ecological Dream House 1The choice of materials to be used for building should be long lasting that provide insulation. These include insulating bricks, or low density concrete. Other materials that can be used include cellular concrete or insulating bricks that are much better than cinder blocks to achieve the same size of wall thickness. Insulating bricks have been known to have greater strength mechanically and the mason is able to build faster with them.

The masonry walls should have airtight joints including the doors, the windows and the rolling shutters. If this part of the work is executed properly, then the building will save a lot of energy in the course of its lifetime. Air tight joints are an element of a home that is highly efficient and they are easy to create.

The thermal bridge, where the outside walls and the floors touch should be broken. Concrete is a great heat conductor. Therefore, floors normally bring outside cold into the warm building. To solve this problem, blocks of polystyrene can be laid at the external part of each floor before the concrete slab has been poured.


An ecological dream house utilizes simple construction techniques and materials to preserve energy and reduce environmental pollution through reduced CO2 emission. The extra cost of constructing such a house is negligible but the ultimate energy savings are significant.