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What Is the Future of Trash?

What Is the Future of Trash 3Trash, especially food waste is a big challenge for most municipalities and households. If it is left out too long, it creates an awful smell and can act as a breeding source for infections. This problem becomes worse in the winter months. This is because snowfall may limit the ability of garbage trucks to come pick up the trash. The longer it stays outside, the more vermin and unwanted invaders it attracts.

The Future

garbage disposalIn order to end this problem, the garbage disposal units were invented in the 1940s. These units were designed to shred food waste before it could be flashed down to the municipal treatment plants. However, this idea took quite a while to be accepted by most garbage management services. They thought the food would end up clogging the pipes, something they did not want to deal with. Later it turned out this were all in fact myths that had no backing in facts.

The Main Advantages of Garbage Disposals

Although it has taken the world to realize the benefits, they still have a role to play in our world. For one, garbage disposals reduce the carbon footprints of garbage trucks. Most garbage collection services deal with tons of food-related garbage every year. All this has to be moved to the disposal site using trucks, which consume a lot of fuel. In the process, they release emissions that lead to global warming. As per Disposal Magazine, Garbage disposal units take care of this problem and reduce the use of trucks for garbage disposal.

Another advantage of garbage disposal units is that the food waste is directed towards the waste treatment plants. These plants can now be fitted with units that can process the food waste into organic fertilizer. This thus reduces the need for inorganic fertilizer, which wreaks havoc on our environment. The garbage disposals thus lead to a far more stable ecosystem thus conserving life on earth. The food waste may also be used for energy production, which is quite beneficial for the environment.

garbage disposalIn the long term, users of garbage disposals will save huge costs on plumbing. Food participles tend to clog up piping and usually require expensive repairs. The garbage disposal unit sees to the fact that one uses less water to get rid of waste and reduces plumbing costs. This is because pipes are unlikely to be clogged due to solids.

For those who are worried about the rise in electrical costs, it has been proven that garbage disposals consume very little electricity. A garbage disposal consumes less than one percent of a household’s total consumption. In addition, there are now super quiet units for those who are worried about noise. One will hardly notice that there is a unit installed in the house. This has been made possible by innovations in motor technology over the past few years.


Garbage disposal units are clearly the future of garbage. They are good for the environment and they are good for the home too. There is clearly no reason not to have one installed.