What Are the Latest Showerhead Innovations

What Are the Latest Showerhead Innovations?

What Are the Latest Showerhead InnovationsSince their invention in the 20th Century, shower heads have continued to evolve and become more functional. From a simple device that simply allowed people to free their hands for bathing only, the shower head has gone a revolution in the few centuries it has been in use. Modern shower heads offer the ability to offload stress and even cut down on the water bill.

Magnetic Shower Heads

This shower head envisions all the challenges that a person faces when they are using a shower head. For one, the presence of soap in the eyes makes it hard to see where to place a detachable shower head. This technology employs magnetism to help individuals put the shower head back in place with little effort. They intentionally include an audible click to ensure one knows it is firmly in place.

Shower Flow

This is one of the best innovations in shower technology. The shower head comes fitted with technology that enables it to control the flow of water and there are various types to choose from, ranking from low to high with options such as rain shower also to choose from. However, this does no dull the showering experiencing. To get over this, the shower head is fitted with a way to mix air with water. Thus, one gets the same full effect of a shower while using less water. This is great for areas where water costs a fortune.

Bluetooth Speakers

This is another innovative idea for shower heads that is fast catching on. Instead of having the speakers close by in the bathroom, the shower head is fitted with speakers internally. This can be hooked up to any Bluetooth device for an awesome showering experience. One can play their favorite tunes as they take a shower, thus helping the mind to relax. The speakers are made waterproof this there is no risk of someone being zapped as they shower.

Rain Shower Heads

What Are the Latest Showerhead InnovationsThis innovative invention has revolutionized how people take showers. It takes the form of a wide shower head, which sends down water in narrow streams just like rain. The rain or waterfall can be further enhanced using flow control. Essentially, the shower head mixes water with air and then increases flow. This leads to an awesome experience where one feels like they are standing in the rain from the comfort of their home. If you are looking for the best shower head visit bestshowerheadguide.com for shower head comparison and tips on how to choose that one shower head that fits into your bathroom.

Variable Jets

This is another major innovation in shower heads. Some shower heads come with over six different types of flows and jets. All these jets are essential for a relaxing shower experience. The different types of jets can easily be switched using a simple dial. This makes the showering experience quite awesome.


This area has undergone massive innovation. Originally, shower heads were made of a similar style with a simple finish. However, now one can choose the finish they like on their shower heads. This is all part of interior design, where shower heads play an increasingly huge role. There is no reason for one to be stuck with a dull finish that does not relate to the interior of the bathroom. You can check more shower heads on finestshower.com


Since their invention over a hundred years ago, the shower head has become an important fixture in the house. It can be a source of relaxation and visual appeal. Choose wisely to get the best of both.