Latest Massage Chair Technologies

Latest Massage Chair Technologies

Latest Massage Chair TechnologiesModernity has brought with it a strain on the human body. In fact, more people suffer from stress related complications than any other time in history. Whether it is a mom running house chores or working in the corporate world, the body is prone to extreme fatigue. There always seems to be so much to do in very little time. A good massage chair is a great way for one to reward themselves for all their hard work. The technology has evolved in the recent past leading to some great capabilities for users.

Recent Innovations

Initially, massage chairs had a very basic operation. They were like a piece of industrial equipment, which was difficult to operate. One of the finest innovations in massage chair technology has been the variable speed invention. This gives a better massage, which does not feel like one is riding a rickety train.

The other innovation in massage chairs has been the inclusion of body scanners. These scanners have been crucial to improving the level of comfort in massage chairs. The scan the back and adjust to the unique contours of each back. This is essential in ensuring that one’s back muscles, which suffer the most fatigue, get a proper massage. You may find the further details of body scanning in massagechairland website.

Another important innovation has been the air bag technology. Most modern massage chairs now come equipped with many tiny airbags located all over the chair. These airbags are essential in massaging particular areas of the back. They help to improve blood circulation, which leads to a more relaxed feeling.

Latest Massage Chair TechnologiesBesides the use of airbags, there is also roller technology incorporated into modern massage chairs. This technology works by targeting specific areas of the person’s body according to their wishes. The rollers can also be used for arms massage, an area that was inaccessible to the older massage chairs.

There is also the inclusion of heating technology in a massage chair. This great technology has revolutionized the concept of massage chairs. The heat is similar to that used in spa massages. It can be targeted with pinpoint accuracy to the specific areas of the body. Additionally, most massage chairs now come with audiovisual technology. Most of them have an LCD touchscreen from which users can select their favorite audio or video. This serves to further increase the relaxation gotten from a massage chair.

The most talked about innovation in massage chairs has been the zero-gravity technology. Every massage chair should definitely have this feature. It scans the body and adjusts itself. The position reached after adjustments make one feel as if they are floating in the air. This is the most basic but most important feature to have in a good massage chair. Additionally, a good massage chair must come with a remote control. This eliminates the need for one to move for the chair each time they need to adjust the settings.


Massage chairs have really come a long way since their inventions. The features mentioned above are just a glimpse of what is possible with technology. Further improvements continue to be made to these chairs up to date.